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My Story

About 15 years ago, I heard God whisper to me that I would have a Ministry with Women. I didn’t want to be working outside the home, I didn’t want my kids in daycare, we also knew, my husband and I, that we would be homeschooling. So, the adventure of both homeschooling and entrepreneurship began. I started homeschooling first, it was successful, and then I opened my mobile Spa business. The six years of connecting with moms of all ages, giving them a reminder to never pour from an empty cup, wash their faces, soak their feet, and enjoy a peaceful 2 hours, was much needed. However, within this time my marriage was on the rocks, I had fallen behind homeschooling my kids, and my parent company closed me down. This was a hard reminder that my identity is in Christ (not money), my purpose in being a wife (not a roommate), my passion for being a homeschooling mom (not a babysitter), and my desire for entrepreneurship was a gift (not my own skill). Now nearly 6 years later, my marriage
is healed, homeschooling has my daily priority, and I’ve been building strong businesses to help moms homeschool, create healthier home atmospheres, and stand as the women they are created to be. My story is far from complete, and I’m glad you’re here for the next chapters.


Equipping Moms for developing healthier homes that create a lasting legacy for all aspects of their family.


I am passionate to help moms implement daily strategies for knowing their own identity and restoring belief in themselves, offering tools for joy-filled homeschooling, recapturing passion
for their families health physically & financially.

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